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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery San Francisco
LASIK Laser Eye Surgery San Francisco
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Cataract Extraction with IOL

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear natural lens inside the eye.  It can be compared to a window that is frosted or yellowed.  This clouding scatters the light passing through the eye resulting in blurry vision, glare or light sensitivity, poor night vision, needing brighter light to read, and/or fading of colors.    

Because it is not a film over the lens, it can’t be removed with a laser or eye drops.  There are no medications, dietary supplements or exercises that have been shown to prevent or cure cataracts.  Surgery is the only way to treat cataracts. Surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL).  After numbing the eye, the surgeon removes the natural lens with gentle ultrasound (phacoemulsification) and replaces it with an IOL.

In standard cataract surgery, the IOL has a fixed focusing power that is set for distance vision. 
Patients who choose a presbyopia-correcting IOL can benefit from improved distance and near vision.  There are two general types of presbyopia-correcting IOLs: multifocal and accommodative. Multifocal IOLs use diffractive or refractive optics to restore distance, intermediate and near vision to the aging eye. Accommodative IOLs feature a hinged design that allows the lens to move forward as the eye focuses on near objects.

cataract surgery san franciscoIf you are suffering from a possible cataract condition, our practice can help.  To learn more about cataract surgery from our practice, please contact us today.