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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery San Francisco
LASIK Laser Eye Surgery San Francisco
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The optical dispensary at Pacific Eye Associates offers a full selection of quality frames from designers such as Cazal, Silhouette, Jai Kudo, Kawasaki, LaFont, Bevel Specs, EyeFunk and Maui Jim. Our frames come in a variety of colors and materials that will satisfy the most discerning tastes. Today, frames are a fashion statement, and reflect personality, personal interests and lifestyles.

We carry the state of the art lens technologies from companies such as Hoya, Zeiss and Seiko-Pentax. These lenses are useful in today’s high tech, computerized lifestyles as well as for many types of indoor and outdoor activities. Special computer lenses and progressive lenses (no-line bifocals) can be made thinner and lighter (hi-index), hard and more durable (polycarbonate) and come with a variety of coatings. Those coatings include: ultraviolet protection (both UV-A and UV-B), specialized tints, polarized and scratch resistant.

At Pacific Eye Associates, we also carry a full line of contact lenses for every type of patient need. Soft lenses are available that correct single vision defects, such as myopia and hyperopia. We also fit and supply gas permeable and toric lenses to correct astigmatism and presbyopia. We also carry a full line of lenses that provide visual correction for aphakia and keratoconus. Our lenses come from companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision, Ciba in well known names, such as Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Synergyes