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Pacific Eye Associates:
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Our practice was founded in 1968 and has evolved into one of the largest comprehensive eye care practices in San Francisco. With over ten ophthalmologists and three optometrists, our high-caliber doctors provide a full range of services, from LASIK and cataract surgery, to healthy eye examinations and the management of complex eye diseases. We are a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice which enables us to treat just about any condition. No need to transfer your medical records to another office. This is just one of the many benefits you will experience when you choose Pacific Eye Associates.

Are you tired of scratchy contact lenses? Dream about swimming and not worrying about goggles? Then you've come to the right place. The consultation is free and we offer patients in the San Francisco area the most advanced technologies, along with one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the United States. After surgery, you will be able to open your eyes and see well enough to walk out of the surgery center on your own.

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Are you experiencing blurry vision even when wearing glasses? Dream about golfing and knowing where your ball went? You can now enjoy the benefits of improving both near and far vision after cataract surgery. Contact San Francisco's leading eye surgeons and learn about one of the most successful surgical procedures in the world. Cataract surgery is quick and patients are back to their normal activities the very next day.

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Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases which can lead, if left untreated, to irreversible damage to your vision. While glaucoma is sometimes referred to as the "silent thief of sight," because most types of this disease have no obvious early symptoms, routine eye exams can catch glaucoma before permanent damage has occurred. Pacific Eye Associates has one of the best glaucoma surgeons in San Francisco. With advanced treatments ranging from medication to surgeries, Pacific Eye Associates can help stop this thief in it's tracks. 

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Suffering from dry eye and looking for a solution? We give the San Francisco area premier dry eye treatment with our LipiFlow technology. LipiFlow is a 12 minute procedure that has been proven time and time again as one of the best options to combat your dry eye symptoms. If dry eyes are having an impact on your overall quality of life schedule a consultation with our ophthalmologists and get started on your treatments today!

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Dry Eye

Your eyes are very important. Clear, sharp vision can be very hard to preserve and we have doctors in every field of ophthalmology and optometry, enabling us to treat just about any condition in-house. No need to transfer your medical records to another office. This is just one of many benefits you will experience when you choose San Francisco's leading eye care practice, Pacific Eye Associates. 

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Our Philosophy

To put it simply: Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality of eye care to everyone. Your eyesight and vision is our focus, regardless of color, age, sex, creed, national origin, economic status or physical disability. Everyone has the right to receive the best service possible and we consider it a privilege to heal people. We pride ourselves on creating a community that provides the best eye care for you so that you may live a healthier and happier life.

We are a highly specialized practice who push ourselves to be trailblazers and pioneers in eye care. We are constantly innovating, and further educating ourselves so that we may offer you and your family the best outcomes and techniques. We know that our actions may restore vision or prevent blindness so we continuously push ourselves to improve. It is our responsibility to provide the best well-being for your eyes. We are determined to improve and unleash the full potential of sight so that everyone can truly be the best vision of himself or herself.

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LASIK San Francisco

Experience the difference with LASIK! Regain your visual freedom and live a life free of glasses and contact lenses with San Francisco's leading LASIK surgeons at Pacific Eye Associates. When it comes to vision correction you have options and our eye doctors and ophthalmologists will determine the best procedure for you. With expert LASIK surgeons like Dr. Danny Lin, Pacific Eye Associates offers you freedom from glasses and contact lenses. See clearly today, schedule a consultation with San Francisco's LASIK specialists at Pacific Eye Associates.

Cataract Surgery San Francisco

Are you searching for a cataract surgeon in the San Francisco Bay area? The Eye doctors and surgeons at Pacific Eye Associates are here to help! With San Francisco’s top cataract surgery experts, Dr. Karen Oxford, Dr. Scott C. So and Dr. Danny Lin, Pacific Eye Associates offers patients the most experienced doctors in the Bay Area utilizing the latest advancements in cataract surgery and premium lens implant options. Start your journey to better vision with San Francisco's cataract surgery experts.

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2100 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115