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2100 Webster St., Suite 214
San Francisco, CA 94115

4 stars 4
When I saw his staff for my 2nd eye, cataract surgery I found his staff, Asst. Dr. unsavory after a the very long testing process. That Dr. told me my eye was not a problem, disputed my description of how blurry my vision was night driving. had become. When Dr. Lin came in he said I was borderline for surgery & left it up to me or not. He was totally congenial, I elected for surgery.Next I was called by his scheduler & this is where it all went south. That person gave me a date & started reading off the rules. He talked to me like I was a PFC in basic training. It would be kind to say he was rude. I was thrown off guard by his nasty demeanor, about having an escort after surgery. When I asked him questions about that, as I didnt recall my escort in 2021 COVID period, he said if you didnt comply you will be Blacklisted! I couldnt believe my ears! I never said I wouldnt comply, just needed to explore options. Turns out my appointment was cut! He said I was now Blacklisted!!

5 stars 5
I like coming here because I know I am in good hands. They are professional, warm and friendly.

4 stars 4
I liked Dr Lin. This office is a haven for Russian and Asians and whites. If you fall into any of these categories you will be treated very well (unlike other places maybe). However, as I am a child of Mexican immigrants, I noticed there was no Mexican-American doctors for my category. I felt sad that I didnt speak Chinese or Russian but thats life. I did receive excellent care from Dr Lin and recommend him.

4 stars 4
Dr. Lin is an excellent and skillful surgeon. He performed a successful eye surgery for my wife that was life changing. Under his care, my wife received expert care! Of all the physicians we've encountered, he ranks at the top.

5 stars 5
Absolutely beautiful kind perfectionist. Exactly who you want as a surgeon. I highly recommend!!!!

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2100 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115