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What is Uveitis?

Uveitis occurs when the middle layer of the eyeball, called the uvea, becomes red and swollen. Uveitis can develop suddenly, usually after an infection, a virus or an eye injury. Immediate treatment is needed to prevent lasting problems. Click here to learn about the different types of Uveitis.

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Uveitis is a disease that needs to be treated right away. Treatment may include eye drops or other medications. At Pacific Eye Associates, Dr. David Heiden is an excellent and thorough medical doctor who subspecializes in Uveitis and Iritis. Contact us today if your eye is red and/or swollen.

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Diagram of the Eye describing the Uvea and the three parts that make it up.

3 Types of Uveitis

There are three different types of uveitis. They are based on which part of the uvea is affected.

  • Anterior Uveitis, also known as iritis: Is the swelling of the uvea near the front of the eye, lasting up to 8 weeks. This is the inflammation of the iris and the ciliary body.
  • Intermediate Uveitis: Is the swelling of the uvea near the middle of the eye, the cilia body, and may last for a few weeks to many years. This type of uveitis may often time be worse before the uvea will get better.
  • Posterior Uveitis: Is the swelling of the uvea towards the back of the eye, involving the retina and choroid. This infection develops gradually and lasts for many years.

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