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Northern California Wildfires: How to Protect your Eyes

  With the Camp Fire burning in Butte County near Chico, California, it’s natural for many people in the Bay Area to experience smoke pollution.  High winds can cause wildfires to spread quickly, thus damaging the environment and your health.   Even if the fire is far away, the particles in the smoke can irritate your lungs… Read More

Daylight Saving Time Ends This Sunday!

While many us let our smartphones do the work, everyone still feels the physical pain of the dreaded time change.  Thankfully this Sunday we fall back which means we gain one more hour of sleep!  #Win But #sadface for the darkness when we leave work.  Below are a few healthy ways to deal with the… Read More

3 Common Misconceptions about Eye Health

What to believe?  Does reading in dim light really ruin your eyesight?  Or what about staring at the computer screen all day.  Will looking at the sun cause damage?  This week, our blog will debunk fact from fiction. Dim Light Reading in dim light is not harmful and will not ruin your vision.  Despite what… Read More

Different Ways to Protect your Eye this Fall

For San Franciscans, we know that October is our month!  October is when the sun finally comes out and kicks out the fog (Bye Karl!).  Then, for the rest of the world, October also means cooler temperatures.  In this blog, we’ve provided some helpful tips to keep your eyes safe, whether you reside in SF… Read More

Get Those Sunglasses Out, because Fleet Week is Here.

 It’s October and it’s Fleet Week.  The Blue Angels are back in town.  Click for the Blue Angels Flying Schedule (you’re welcome).  It’s hard to concentrate when the roaring of jet engines are blasting above your head, so you toss your papers to the ground and head outside.  If you can’t ignore the noise, why… Read More

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