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Clinical Studies

Pacific Eye Associates continues to be a leader in clinical research and helps develop new drug therapies to treat eye disease.  Studies helps us learn more about eye problems.  Also, studies can help researchers try out new ways to prevent, treat and test for disease.  If you join a clinical trial, you could help improve care for yourself and countless people in the future.  Thank you for taking to the time to learn about our clinical programs and research opportunities. 

Clinicial Studies at PEA

We currently have two ongoing clinical studies.  Before joining a clinical study, it’s important to talk to your doctor about whether the study is right for you.




What are Clinical Studies?

Clinical studies can help researchers and physicians learn more about eye problems.  One type of study, called a clinical trial, help researchers try out new ways to test for and treat eye diseases, such as: 

  • New medicines
  • New procedures / surgeries
  • New years to diagnose a disease
  • New ways to prevent a disease

Trials make sure a new treatment, test, or type of preventive care is safe and effective before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the therapy for regular use.

Benefits of Joining a Clinical Trial

By joining a clinical trial, you can be one of the first people to get a new treatment.  Your vision may be clearer if the treatment is effective.  The trial may help treat your eye disease.  In addition, help prevent other people from getting your eye disease.

You can also help improve care for individuals in the future.  The trial could help find better treatment for your family members if you have an eye condition that runs in your family. 

What are the risks?

The treatment, test, or preventive care in a clinical trial is new so there is a chance that you may be exposed to risks.  The treatment itself may harm you and /or you may get serious side effects. 

Our doctors and clinical researcher, Queennie will provide regular check-ups to find any side effects plus make sure you are healthy enough to stay in the trial.

An independent group of experts will also monitor the trial.  If the experts find that the risks of the new treatment outweigh the benefits, the trial will be stop the trial right away. 

What if I want to leave a clinical trial?

You have the right to leave a trial at any time and for any reason.  However, if too many people leave a trial, we may not be able to get any results.  Please only join a clinical trial if you think you’ll be able to stay in it until the end.

Our researcher may recommend that you leave the study if you develop side effects or a new health problem during the trial.  Your health always comes first.

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