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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery San Francisco
LASIK Laser Eye Surgery San Francisco
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Post Operative Instructions

Be sure to have someone drive you home.  Go directly home and take a 3-4 hour nap or keep you eyes closed.  Cloudiness or white haze is normal for the first 24 hours.  Foreign body sensation, tearing, discomfort, and light sensitivity are normal, especially on the day of the procedure.  Peak discomfort will take place generally between 2 and 4 hours after your procedure.  You may take Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin for relief.  It may also help to use cold lubricating eye drops frequently.


To use eye drops, put one drop inside your lower eyelid. Wait 5 minutes between drops. Do not touch the tip of the bottle to the eyes, skin, or lashes.  It is not unusual for your drops to result in mild (and temporary) burning and stinging.  All medications are to be used during waking hours only.
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Come to your scheduled postoperative day 1 appointment as scheduled.  Bring all your eye drops to the appointment.


Call us at 415-923-3007 if you have an emergency, such as increasing eye pain or redness, and/or a sudden worsening of your vision.

While you are healing, expect the following:
  • The most dramatic changes in vision occur in the first 24 hours.  However, some observe haze, halos, glare, ghosting, and vision changes that continue to improve over 3-6 months.  Daily fluctuation in your vision is very normal during this time, even from morning to evening.
  • Until you feel absolutely confident in your vision, DO NOT attempt to drive.
  • Do not rub your eyes.  During the day, wear your sunglasses, even indoors if needed.  To avoid the possibility of rubbing your eye while sleeping or napping, be sure to wear the protective eye shields for the first week.  This is MANDATORY to prevent any disruption to the healing flap.
  • The redness, irritation, light sensitivity, and discomfort will steadily decrease after a few days. 
  • Red blotches on the whites of the eyes are sometimes caused by the pressure ring.  They will disappear in 1-4 weeks.
  • No make-up, lotion, etc. around your eyes for seven days.
  • When washing your face or showering, be careful to keep soap and water out of your eyes.
  • Avoid situations involving dirt, dust, etc. or potential risk of direct injury to your eyes. 
  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. for three weeks.
  • Avoid contact sports for seven days.
  • Avoid heavy lifting activities.
  • Beware of little hands and little paws… they can be very fast and accurate.
  • It is okay to read, watch television, and work in front of computer but remember to take frequent breaks and lubricate your eye accordingly.
  • Your eyes will soon become dry.  This may slow healing and cause blurring.  Use non-preserved lubricating drops EVERY HOUR for the first two weeks.  Then you can switch to any lubricating eye drops of your choice unless specified otherwise by your doctor.
  • When in doubt, call Pacific Eye Associates at 415-923-3007 if you have any questions or concerns.  Call us if you have an emergency, such as increasing eye pain or redness, and/or a sudden worsening of your vision.