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Cataracts – Why Choose Us?

Cataract surgery is a safe and common procedure that will lead to better vision. Cataract surgery may offer the opportunity to your correct vision problems, such as astigmatism or presbyopia-even if you’ve had them your entire life.  Find out if cataracts are impacting your life by scheduling a cataract consultation with us today. 

At Pacific Eye Associates, we have access to state of the art technologies and a wide variety of lenses to choose from; astigmatism-correcting lenses (monofocal lenses), multifocal toric lenses, and multifocal lenses. Take our Self-Test today to see if you’re a candidate. 

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Best Cataract Surgeons

We have three of the best cataract surgeons in San Francisco.  Each of those surgeons is highly qualified, experienced, and precise. Drs. Danny Y. Lin, Scott C. So, and Karen W. Oxford have been cataract surgeons for 20 plus years.

All of our doctors are all extremely experienced and have all performed thousands of procedures. They are all up to date with the latest technologies and operate at the brand new state of the art facility at the new Eye Surgery Center of San Francisco. 

Each of our cataract doctors is board certified, completed their specialty training at world-renowned facilities like UCLA, Stanford, Bryn Mawr, and California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. In addition to their education, experience, none of our doctors will rush you into surgery if it’s not the right step.   

Our consultations start with a health check and a vision check to determine whether or not you are a candidate for surgery.  A good doctor will wait until the cataract has reached maturity before operating.

Dedicated Surgery Scheduling Team

Pacific Eye Associates has a dedicated surgical scheduling team who will help you start your cataract surgery journey.  The surgery scheduling department will work with you to schedule your surgery.  They will contact your health insurance company to determine what services are covered and what services need approval. 

Cataract surgery may sound like a complicated and daunting task but the surgery team will assist and answer any questions you may have about cataract surgery.  All of our surgery schedulers work closely with our cataract surgeons.  Our surgery team is committed and devoted to you.

Trust in Care

Your eyesight is of the utmost importance.  At our practice, we do not cut corners. We care about your well-being.  Our doctors, technicians, and surgical scheduling will answer all and every question you might have about cataracts or cataract surgery.  We will make sure you walk out of our office feeling confident.  Cataract surgery may seem intimidating and scary but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We’re here to guide you through every step. 

If you would like to learn more about Cataracts or schedule a Cataract consultation with any one of our three doctors, contact us today or Call Us at 415-923-3007.

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2100 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115