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PanOptix: New Multifocal

Did you know, the FDA just approved a brand new multifocal lens called the PanOptix? Since cataract surgery is quiet commonly completed in the US, advances in cataract surgery are quite frequent. There are new breakthroughs techniques and in materials to help you see at your best. After cataract surgery, people often say that they see life clearly again. At Pacific Eye Associates, our cataract surgeons are knowledgeable about the latest surgical. All three of our cataract surgeons have years of experience and are experts at customizing your cataract to fit your vision goals.

What’s Cataracts?

Cataracts happen to almost everyone.  A cataract is a clouding of the lens in your eye.  The cataract can grow and mature blocking the light, which cause eventually cause blindness. Many people develop cataracts with age or injury.  Inherited genetic disorders can cause health problems which can increase your risk of cataracts. However, removing cataracts through surgery has been established as one of the safest, most common, and most effective procedures performed today. 

How to Treat Cataracts?

Cataract surgery is the only to cure cataracts.  The procedure is quick and relatively painless.  Your cataract surgeon will removed your old cloudy lens and replace your old lens with a new lens.  Depending on the type of lens, your vision will be much better than before your surgery.  During your cataract surgery, you and your doctors will discuss lens options.  Based on your vision goals, the PanOptix lens might be right for you.

What is PanOptix?

PanOptix is a trifocal lens that provides a continuous range of vision.  Compared to our current multifocal lens, which only offers two zones of clear vision, the new trifocal lens offers three zones of clear vision.  This new lens will help you see brighter, more vivid colors.  The len corrects and sharpens your vision so you’re likely to wear glasses less often.  Unlike, the old type of trifocal lens, there is less blurry zones, which means you can see effortlessly.  Both Dr. Danny Lin and Dr. Scott So are now offering this new lens option to their cataract patients.

PanOptix will help you see significantly better and be less dependent on eye glasses.  This new lens is available in astigmatism-correcting technology as well.  To learn more about PanOptix, schedule an appointment to speak to one of our cataract surgeons.  You can be on your way to better vision today.

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