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New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Easy Ways To Take Better Care of your Eyes!

Eye Care San FranciscoHappy 2019!  Eyes are a very important organ that is largely forgotten about by many individuals.  We use our eyes from the moment we wake up to the moment we close them again to sleep. And while the Netflix movie, Bird Box, suggests that we don’t need our eyes or perhaps the movie reinforces the need for our eyes? Regardless of whether or not you watched the movie, we should include eye health as part of our new year’s resolution. Taking better care of your eyes is easy.  With just one phone call or appointment, you can be on your way to healthier eyes in the new year. Pacific Eye Associates gives the greater San Francisco area full services eye exams and a premier team of ophthalmologists.

Here are some simple things you can do:

  1. Eye Exam: Make a New Year’s resolution that’s easy to keep!  Contact us to make a vision or wellness eye exam with one of our experienced and caring physicians.  Not sure if your insurance will cover your appointment?  It’s okay, give us a call and our experienced call center staff will answer your insurance questions.
  2. Lady After LASIK Eye Surgery in San FranciscoSunglasses!: Like your skin, your eyes are exposed to the sun.  Over time the sun’s rays will damage your eyes, which is why sunglasses are so important.  Even in winter and on cloudy days, you should always wear your sunglasses when outside. Learn how to find the right sunglasses by visiting our past blog.
  3. Healthy Foods: Did you know that there are five essential nutrients that help promote healthy vision and may reduce the risk of eye diseases?  Leafy greens, nuts, and shellfish may protect those eyes of yours. Taking an antioxidant or vitamin supplement can reduce the risk of advanced AMD.
  4. Treat your eyes: Maybe you’ve always wanted LASIK?  It’s the year to ditch those glasses and contact lenses. Or perhaps you’re curious about Botox for your wrinkles or LATISSE for longer, fuller lashes.  If your eye exam shows that your eyes are healthy, talk to your eye doctor about the procedures you’ve always wanted.

With the new year comes a fresh start and this year focus on your eyes.  Healthy lifestyle habits can have positive benefits for the entire body.  Whether it is a basic eye exam or a LASIK procedure, the team at Pacific Eye Associates gives each patient the individual care that they need. Schedule an appointment and visit our San Francisco office today!

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