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LASIK with LIN: Are You Ready?

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to do LASIK, you’re not alone.  If you’ve been in glasses and or contacts for most of your life, you’ve probably been curious about LASIK for a most of your life.  So what’s holding you back? Maybe the cost is the issue? Perhaps you’re afraid of LASIK surgery? … Read More

Ready for LASIK? We can Help

LASIK is a wonderful procedure that can greatly improve your quality of life. However, there are many factors that your doctor should look for during your LASIK consultation to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate. LASIK, similar to any other surgeries have risks, so LASIK surgery shouldn’t be completed unless there is an… Read More

Understand all the Risks of LASIK Before You Commit to Surgery

LASIK surgery, whether PRK, SMILE or LASIK, are all extremely effective, safe and trusted options.  Complications that result in vision loss is very rare.  LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries, and it’s satisfaction rate among patients who have had the procedure is remarkably high.  However, there are some risk factors you should… Read More

Three people running in a race

What’s the Best Age for LASIK?

If you Google this question, Google will simply say that the perfect candidate for LASIK is someone between the ages of 20 and 40. One can even opt for LASIK at the age of 18, but most doctors will encourage you to wait until their mid-20’s. Why? Generally, a good candidate is someone who has… Read More

LASIK Surgery Procedure

Honest Facts about LASIK!

LASIK surgery is a fantastic procedure. With the help of technology, LASIK is now completed with a laser instead of a blade. LASIK is quite a magical invention. This surgery restores vision. LASIK was performed on some 700,000 eyes last year, up from 628,724 in 2016. (According to Market Scope, a market research company that… Read More

Woman with glasses researching LASIK

Ready to Take on LASIK? Qualities to Look for in a Surgeon

The task of looking for a good LASIK surgeon can be overwhelming. Where to start?  What specific attributes should I be looking for in a great surgeon?  Even if you’re a master Googler, not knowing what to look for can lead you down the wrong way.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  We’ve listed a… Read More

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Best Investment Advice That No One Wants You To Know About? LASIK

There has been an unusual amount of rain in San Francisco this year.  Lately, the recent flash flood warnings and mudslides in Sausalito this morning, has me thinking whether or not I am ready to evacuate my house.  For example, I need to start putting my eyeglasses on my side table every night.  Should I… Read More

4 Reasons Halloween and Glasses Do Not Get Along

Why Costumes, Crazy parties, and Glasses Don’t Really Mix… Leaves are changing colors.  Oscar hopefuls are coming to theaters.  Everyone’s favorite scent, pumpkin spice is in the air and on every shelf.  And, at every coffee shop.  Football season is already ruining your draft picks.  This can only mean one thing: its Fall!  And with… Read More

3 Things People Without Contacts Just Don’t Understand

Life with contacts can be rough.  Something as seemingly insignificant as a spare eyelash can throw off your whole day, or an overly dry contact can pop out and render you half blind until further notice.  People who wear contacts on a daily basis know that the struggle is real.  I should know, I am… Read More

5 Reasons Your Inner Athlete wants Better Vision

The Golden State Warriors just won the Finals.  You want to be apart of the dream team, but the only thing standing in the way is your vision.  Ok, maybe you’re not the next Steph Curry or even the G-League worthy but if you’re still frustrated with contacts and glasses, then there’s a solution. Your… Read More

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