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Category: Mental Health

Understand all the Risks of LASIK Before You Commit to Surgery

LASIK surgery, whether PRK, SMILE or LASIK, are all extremely effective, safe and trusted options.  Complications that result in vision loss is very rare.  LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries, and it’s satisfaction rate among patients who have had the procedure is remarkably high.  However, there are some risk factors you should… Read More

2019 New Year's Resolution list

New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Easy Ways To Take Better Care of your Eyes!

Happy 2019!  Eyes are a very important organ that is largely forgotten about by many individuals.  We use our eyes from the moment we wake up to the moment we close them again to sleep. And while the Netflix movie, Bird Box, suggests that we don’t need our eyes or perhaps the movie reinforces the… Read More

Alarm Clock in Fall

Daylight Saving Time Ends This Sunday!

While many us let our smartphones do the work, everyone still feels the physical pain of the dreaded time change.  Thankfully this Sunday we fall back which means we gain one more hour of sleep!  #Win But #sadface for the darkness when we leave work.  Below are a few healthy ways to deal with the… Read More

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