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3 Things People Without Contacts Just Don’t Understand

Contact LensesLife with contacts can be rough.  Something as seemingly insignificant as a spare eyelash can throw off your whole day, or an overly dry contact can pop out and render you half blind until further notice.  People who wear contacts on a daily basis know that the struggle is real.  I should know, I am one of those poor chumps.  There is so much that can go wrong and people without contacts just don’t quite understand.

1. Contacts flip inside out.

Contact wearers all know that there is only one way to put a contact lens on the eye.  You put the contact lens in the palm of your hand or the thumb and forefinger, and do the “taco test”.  If the contact lens doesn’t form a cute taco shape, then you know what to do.  Flip that contact around, stat!  Don’t put the wrong side in your eye because you’ll pay for it.  We all know the feeling instantly.  The slight discomfort, the rapid blinks that lead to tears, the frantic rubs of the eye until you finally take the contact out.  Then you think, maybe it’s time to consider LASIKHandling Contact Lenses

2. You can lose a contact in your eye.

Yes, #truth.  All contact wearers know you can lose a contact in your eye.  Like, deep in the back of your eye socket.  We all know it hasn’t slid back to attack your brain, but every rub means another rub closer to losing that plastic disc into the depths of your eye.  Then it happens: your vision is blurry out of one eye.  You look around the floor and you can’t find it.  Yup, that pesty contact lens is in your eye.  You go to the mirror and lift your top lid way back until you finally see it.  Folded in half, tucked away in the upper corner of your eye.  Finally, you fish it out and think, it’s time to get LASIK.

3. You fell asleep with your contacts in.

You suddenly realize that you did the thing your optometrist told you never to do: yup, you fell asleep with your contacts in.  Last night was a big night out… did I end the night with a bacon-wrapped hot dog?  Or is that pizza sauce on my chin?  As you stumble to the bathroom, you know that the contact lens is now suction-cupped to your eyeball.  You do the drag a couple dozen times.  Panic sets in.  Finally, the contact budges. Quick relief is trumped with searing pain because now the first layer of your eye is gone.  And you think, I’m calling Dr. Lin’s office to schedule that free LASIK appointment now.

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