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4 Reasons Halloween and Glasses Do Not Get Along

Why Costumes, Crazy parties, and Glasses Don’t Really Mix…

Leaves are changing colors.  Oscar hopefuls are coming to theaters.  Everyone’s favorite scent, pumpkin spice is in the air and on every shelf.  And, at every coffee shop.  Football season is already ruining your draft picks.  This can only mean one thing: its Fall!  And with Fall comes Halloween.

Halloween’s a scream and while you are excited about what the holiday may hold, there are also a lot of questions weighing on you.  Will your costume idea be irrelevant by the 31st?  Is it your costume too revealing or not revealing enough?  Is Kevin’s party going to be more fun than Jeremy’s?  Well, if you’re one of the millions of unfortunate souls who plan to wear glasses on Halloween, you may have a whole host of other considerations weighing on your because glasses and Halloween do not get along…

1. It’s really hard to wear a mask with glasses on.

Gorilla halloween costume

Do they go over the mask or under the mask?  Obviously, they go over the mask, but then how does it sit on the bridge of your nose?  Okay, so they go under the mask.  But the under the mask look is odd.  Now your glasses smashes into your face.  Is it better just to do Halloween blind?  Or you can wear your contacts.  But life will be hard enough with a mask.  Okay, so maybe it’s best to figure out a killer (excuse, the pun) Halloween costume that does not involve a mask.  I mean, why should you cover up your face?  It’s perfect, so let’s show it off.

2.  You’re sick and tired of thinking of a costume that incorporates your glasses…

You can only be Clark Kent or Garth Alder or Where’s Waldo so many times.  Perhaps the glasses don’t really ruin the costume but you’re an individual who gets into character.  You can’t seem to overlook the glasses so you pop in your contacts in.  But you know that contact bother your eyes, so you’ll most likely turn into a pumpkin before midnight and then have to go home just as the party is at its peak.

Man with long hair and glasses

3. Halloween parties provide endless opportunities to scratch your eyes out.

 Sometimes parties can be so boring and lame that you do want to scratch your eyes out but we’re talking about your friends and loved ones.  At Halloween, friends have more pointy appendages than usual on Halloween.  Anyone of the appendages or long nails that catches your face the wrong way and those contact lenses are toast.  Or your glasses may be knocked down to the floor.

4. Glasses lost on Halloween are glasses lost.

It might the spooky energy in the air, but if you lose a pair of glasses on Halloween, it’s gone.  Be it at a party, carnival, trick or treating, where ever your party plans may be, the sad and honest truth is, if they get knocked off your face, someone will step on them.  Glasses are a hassle on Halloween, but they are also a hassle the other 99.7% of the year.  The only vision correction solution without the hassle of glasses or contacts is LASIK, and if you haven’t given LASIK a second thought in many years, you should.  To learn more, simply call us at 415-923-3007 or request an appointment.

Broken glasses

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