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The Cure for Dry Eyes: And No, it’s Not Eye Drops

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

Or perhaps you suffer from dry eyes and may not even know it.  Staring at your smartphone too hard, or perhaps you’re spending hours in front of a computer screen, TV or tablet.  But, all that screen time means you’re squinting more and blinking less.  Additionally, contact lenses can potentially dry out our eyes.  Many eye drops, both over the counter and prescription, provide short term relief from dry eyes.  Most prescription medications have proved effective to treat tear deficiency but not cure it.  Our Ophthalmologists can determine the root cause of your dry eye and discover whether or not this dry eye treatment is right for you.

LipiFlow may be right for you…

If you do suffer from dry eyes, you may be a candidate for a new procedure that is available in our San Francisco office, called LipiFlow.  LipiFlow is a treatment designed to restore the natural oil flow to your eyes.  This treatment is performed in our office and removes blockages from the Meibomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective lipid layer of the tear film.  This is a 12-minute procedure that will bring relief for 12 months.

What is the Meibomian gland?

Everyone has glands that produce a protective oily lipid layer over the white of the eye.  These glands are located in the eyelids.  This oil helps protect the surface of the eye from disease and prevents the watery part of the tears from evaporating.  So without these oils, the eyes become dry due to computer use, reading, cold climates, heating, fireplaces, and other daily activities.

What to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about LipiFlow make an appointment at our San Francisco offices with Dr. Oxford or Dr. Inger, call us at 415-923-3007.  Don’t suffer from dry eyes any longer.

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