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Need Cataract Surgery? This is Good News.

The word cataract may sound foreign to you and perhaps a bit scary even because the word, surgery, usually follows this word.  However, we assure you that cataracts are not a scary disease.  In fact, this surgery may improve your vision and lifestyle. Before we dive into surgery side, let’s chat about what is exactly is a cataract

What is a Cataract?

In a normal eye, a healthy lens focuses light and images onto the back of your retina.  The lens is how one is able to see.  In an eye that has cataracts, the normally clear lens of your eye will be cloudy.  For people who have cataracts, seeing through cloudy lenses is a bit like looking through a frosty or fogged-up window.

Cataracts develop slowly over time. Most cataracts are age-related and are a very common disease.  By 80, more than half of all Americans will have a cataract or have had cataract surgery. 

Cataract Symptoms? 

Signs and symptoms of cataracts may include:

  • Clouded, blurred or dim vision
  • Increasing difficulty with vision at night
  • Sensitivity to light and glare
  • Need for brighter light for reading and other activities
  • Seeing “halos” around lights
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescription
  • Fading or yellowing of colors
  • Double vision in a single eye

Why is Cataract Surgery a Good Thing? 

First, cataract surgery is very safe.  The doctor will replace your old foggy lens with a new one.  With this new lens, you’ll be able to see clearer than you did before.  Depending on which type of lens you choose, you may be less dependent on your glasses.  

Different Types of Lenses to Choose From!

Depending on your vision and eyesight, there are different lenses to choose from.  The first step is to meet with one of our cataract surgeons.  At your cataract consultation, the doctor will check the health of your eye and vision to determine whether or not you’re a candidate for cataract surgery.  Cataract(s) develops over a long period of time and a good surgeon will wait until your cataract has matured before suggesting surgery. 

Best Cataract Surgeons

At Pacific Eye Associates, we have 3 of the best cataract surgeons, Drs. Lin, So and Oxford.  All three of these doctors are highly experienced, have been practicing for 20 years+ and will guide you in the right direction.  Talk to our doctors about whether you could be a candidate for a multifocal lens, astigmatism-correcting lens, or a multifocal toric lens. 

Quick Recovery Time!

Plus, the recovery time is minimal.  On average people take two days off from work or from their usual activities for their procedure.  Depending on the lens you and your doctor choose, it could mean getting back to life without glasses.  Curious about cataract surgery or want to see if you’re a candidate?  Take our Self-Test! Or, call us 415-923-3007 or request an appointment with one of our doctors today. 

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2100 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115