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LASIK with LIN: Are You Ready?

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to do LASIK, you’re not alone.  If you’ve been in glasses and or contacts for most of your life, you’ve probably been curious about LASIK for a most of your life.  So what’s holding you back? Maybe the cost is the issue? Perhaps you’re afraid of LASIK surgery?  But before you talk yourself out of LASIK surgery, we invite you to schedule a LASIK consultation with Dr. Lin.

Why Should You Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Lin?

  1.  The LASIK procedure is Free!
  2. Not everyone is a Candidate

Not Everyone is a Candidate…

This information was news to me.  I have been wearing contacts and glasses for the last 20 years, and I have been thinking about LASIK for the last 19 years.  Okay more like the last 10 years.  However, I’ve never made appointment because the price of LASIK is intimidating.  Also, I heard many LASIK places are high pressure and bully you into LASIK surgery.  A couple years ago, my eyes were drying out due to my contacts, my optometrist recommended LASIK.  I told her I was apprehensive due to cost but my eyes were hurting so I scheduled it.  To my surprise, I was told by Dr. Lin I wasn’t a great candidate.  I thought everyone is candidate!  So before you start worrying about LASIK surgery, check if you’re even a candidate. 

Get Yourself to an Appointment!

  1. Get yourself to an appointment! It’s free. Plus worry about payment later since you may not even be a candidate.
  2. Dr. Danny Lin will never recommend LASIK surgery if you’re not a good candidate.  (A doctor who doesn’t pressure you into surgery!?) 

Why is Dr. Danny Lin the Best?

Dr. Danny Lin is one of the best LASIK doctors in San Francisco.  He’s been a LASIK surgeon for the past 15 years, plus he completed his cornea and external ocular disease fellowship program at UCLA.  Since LASIK is performed on the cornea, knowledge of the cornea’s healing properties is important to the patient’s well being.  Knowing how to handle a complication, should one occur, can make a significant difference in the patient’s outcome.  Dr. Lin is a doctor who is extremely patient and thorough.  Plus, Dr. Lin will never suggest LASIK if it’s not the right step for you.  He’s a doctor who places safety over dollar signs.

Who’s a Good Candidate?

The only way to whether or not you’re a candidate is to schedule an LASIK consolation with Dr. Lin, but here are some simple guidelines:

  1. Over 21
  2. Your glasses and contact prescription needs stable for 2 years+
  3. Healthy eyes

If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK or have more questions, call us at 415-923-3007 to chat with a staff member.  Or request an appointment online

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